So let’s try this again.

In the midst of graduating college and seeking out a new job to sustain myself, my old blog,, gradually fell by the wayside. Or more accurately, it was violently thrown by the wayside as I tried to desperately lighten the load I was carrying in the station wagon of life. And if that tortured metaphor wasn’t enough to convince you that I’m back to writing, then I don’t know what will.

In a break from my usual habits, I’ll try to keep this brief: I’m at a place now where I feel like I can start paying attention to writing again, and while I probably can’t nail down any kind of regular update schedule, I am apparently confident enough to port this blog over to a new host, re-brand all the old content, and try to start churning out new stuff when I can. As before, I’ll be doing a bit of everything, from written game and movie reviews to completely unstructured ramblings on whatever I feel like talking about at the time. I may also try to get a few more Let’s Play style videos in the works and a few more episodes of Talking Points, as the Bioshock Infinite piece seemed to be fairly well received and was fun to make.

And that’s about all I’ve got to say about that. I’ll post here whenever the mood strikes me, and about whatever it strikes me with. So with that being said, thanks for taking the time to check this place out. Hopefully I’ll be able to entertain all of us as I go forward.

As always, I’m Guildenstern. And welcome to Stark Raving Sane.

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