Talking Points: Bioshock Infinite

So things have been a little sparse around here for the last couple of months. Apart from the regular ins and outs of life, I’ve also missed a few game releases and news items, which has kept me out of the loop on just what exactly to talk about. The only high-profile happening I’ve been involved with recently has been Bioshock Infinite. But I liked it. A lot. I liked it so much I made a video.

Allow me to present the first episode of Talking Points.


I’ve been watching the likes of Plinkett, Smudboy, and Mr. Btongue for years now and while I can’t claim the same experience or depth of critical analysis that they can, I do tend to experiment with a lot of different formats around here and this was my most recent venture, inspired by some of the above named. I don’t know if I’ll try to keep making these, as while it was a lot of fun and I’m moderately happy with it, it also took a long damn time to put together.

If you enjoyed this little experiment then then let me know and I’ll see if I can dredge up something else to talk about in the future, hopefully something that won’t eat up 30 minutes of your time and 30 hours of mine. If you didn’t enjoy it and find the sound of my voice and the content of my words obnoxious and grating then perhaps we’ll just stick to the written word in the future.

Thanks for watching.