We’re in it for the Money: The Cast

The players serve as agents of Gillespie & Haggard Active Consulting Agency, a privately-owned company based in Sigil that operates as an independent contractor for clients willing to pay for specialized problem solving. Half detective agency, half private security firm, G&H employs only the best agents, employing a diverse skill set and a dedication to getting the job done right.

Or so it says on the business cards.

In more blunt terminology, G&H is essentially a multi-purpose mercenary company that employs individuals from all walks of life. The only deterministic factor being that they all get results and they all want a steady paycheck: in this day and age, freelance adventuring just doesn’t provide like it used to.

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We’re in it for the Money: The Setting

Our world had from the beginning always been separated from the realms of fantasy. An oddity that stood apart from the interconnected pieces of the Great Wheel, Earth lived out its fledgling years in isolation from its distant planar cousins and appeared none the worse for wear. Time passed, life developed, and the small blue orb spun on in ignorance of what else was out there.

But with new pathways opening every day, nothing stays hidden forever. It wasn’t long before tenuous links between these two dimensions began to solidify, portals popping up here and there that allowed travel, both intentional and accidental between the worlds of fantasy and those of what we once called “reality”, subjective though that term may be. People came and went between worlds, sometimes re-appearing in their native plane only seconds later, sometimes weeks or months, and sometimes not at all. Those who returned brought with them their memories of a land of wonder… and horror. Some lost their minds pondering over what they had seen while others chose to shove the experience away in some dark corner of their mind; just a bad dream that shouldn’t be dwelled upon.

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We’re in it for the Money: Introduction

We're in it for the Money

It’s no secret that we can sometimes be pretty starved for content around here. Our Let’s Play of Alpha Protocol will be coming to a close on Friday and if you remember what happened after we finished our first season, you’ll recall that we sat pretty much entirely dormant for the better part of a year before we picked stuff up again. I’d prefer to avoid that this time around so I’m making a pre-emptive strike against the looming threat of delayed site updates.

As a long time reader of Shamus Young’s Twenty-Sided Blog which for a time ran an entertaining account of his D&D games, and having been more recently introduced to the absolutely incredible SilverClawShift campaign archives, it dawned on me that I’d like to do something similar. With a website soon to be in dire need of content and with a semester-spanning campaign currently in progress, I figured that now would be as good a time as any to try my hand at the art of telling a story… and then writing down how much the players destroy that story and posting it on the internet.

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