We’re in it for the Money: The Cast

The players serve as agents of Gillespie & Haggard Active Consulting Agency, a privately-owned company based in Sigil that operates as an independent contractor for clients willing to pay for specialized problem solving. Half detective agency, half private security firm, G&H employs only the best agents, employing a diverse skill set and a dedication to getting the job done right.

Or so it says on the business cards.

In more blunt terminology, G&H is essentially a multi-purpose mercenary company that employs individuals from all walks of life. The only deterministic factor being that they all get results and they all want a steady paycheck: in this day and age, freelance adventuring just doesn’t provide like it used to.

The players are:

Name: John Strauss
Race: Human (Toril)
Age: Early 30s
Class: Fast Hero

A former competition sharpshooter, Strauss was drafted into the military when his skills were recognized by a recruiter. Strauss wasn’t given much say in the matter. He made the best of it, however, using his military training to foster a strong set of survival skills to supplement his substantial marksmanship talent. Of course, a man can only put up with having his actions decided for him for so long. During a tour of duty in hostile territory Strauss went AWOL and hijacked a civilian plane, looking to fly as fast and as far away as possible to evade pursuing military forces. Running low on fuel and with pursuit planes gaining fast, Strauss opted to bail out and take his chances on the ground. As chance would have it, upon touching down he rolled directly into a portal to Sigil, effectively losing his pursuers but losing track of himself in the process. Brushing himself off and surveying his sudden change of environment, the sign for Gillespie and Haggard Active Consulting Agency caught his eye. With no better options in front of him, Strauss decided to put his military background to use in the private sector and walked through the front door of the building to sign up. Passing all qualification tests in the highest percentile, Strauss has now been an agent for G&H for several years, enjoying the comforts of civilian life while still honing his skills to a razors edge through regular missions for the company.

Name: Gorak
Race: Dwarf
Age: 55
Class: Tough Hero

A frequent gambler and an even more frequent drinker, Gorak is a new hire at Gillespie and Haggard. Walking in off the street one day without a gold piece to his name (and the smell of his last several on his breath) Gorak surprised everyone by managing to pass the physical evaluation with flying colors even while so thoroughly inebriated that he couldn’t even properly hold the pen for the written portion of the exam. Nonetheless, his qualities as a frontline fighter were immediately obvious and he was placed within an existing team to provide some much-needed muscle. Adept with both the saber and pump-action shotgun, Gorak is a force to be reckoned with… once you get him pointed in the right direction.

Name: [Redacted]
Race: Elf
Age: approximately 300
Class: Smart Hero

This is an individual without a name. Or rather, an individual with many, many names. Seemingly incessantly on the run from someone or something, he switches identities every few weeks, usually out of necessity in an attempt to shake whichever crime boss, politician, or law official he’s angered this time. There’s hardly a city anywhere on the Great Wheel that he hasn’t had dealings in, though you could count the ones he’s comfortable returning to on one hand. His name lost by his own choosing, his past a mystery of his own design, there are few jobs he isn’t prepared for, and virtually none he can’t improvise on the spot. Though no stranger to violence, he prefers to tip the odds in his favor from the behind the scenes, believing that any fair fight is one you didn’t plan well enough.

Name: Normál Averagé (Nor-maal Ah-ver-ah-hey)
Race: Human (Earth)
Age: 26
Class: Fast/Strong Hero

Normál, colloquially known as Norm, entered Sigil in much the same way a great many of its citizens do: by accident. When virtually any opening can be a portal, it’s far from uncommon for people to walk through a doorway and emerge someplace completely alien to them. Norm was a man down on his luck, scorned by the woman he loved, and with no direction in life. But with one wrong step, Norm slipped and fell into a river, was swept into an oversized drainage pipe, and suddenly found himself in the Cage. Much like Strauss, he simply decided to take whatever work came his way, and being a relatively new citizen of Sigil, he’s giving Gillespie and Haggard a shot to see if they’re to his liking. All he knows is that his new job gives him a chance to work with swords and, more importantly, the opportunity to collect more swords. A borderline obsessive collector of archaic weapons, Norm’s blades aren’t just for show: he’s an adept swordsman that can make quick work of any opponent. The biggest challenge is picking a blade to fight with before every battle.

Together, these four individuals comprise one of Gillespie & Haggard’s top field teams. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can afford them, maybe you can hire… uh, these guys.

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