Nerdwatch Episode 2.24: Russian Diplomacy

In this episode I erroneously stated that we would pull a Bavarian Fire Drill in order to get into the US Embassy. Clearly I was mistaken as we opted for the professional dialogue options which allowed us to peacefully waltz in the front door without so much as a sideways glance from the Marines. So while I was utterly wrong in assessing how we would approach the situation, this is nonetheless a good example of some of Alpha Protocol’s extensive variation: you can go through a legit security check, pull the aforementioned misdirection hoax, try to threaten your way inside (I’m assuming this won’t work), sneak in a side entrance (which we mentioned does have a few problems associated with it), or just imitate the Schwarzenegger approach from Terminator and waltz inside killing everything you see.

Though I shouldn’t be too generous with my praise. After all, other games give you plenty of choices to make in approaching a similar situation: like which of your two guns you’ll use to shoot the guard. And then you can make another decision about whether you’ll use that same gun to shoot the second guard. What to do, what to do…

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